5 Dashboard Tips to create your next Dashboard

Keep this 5 Dashboard tips in Mind before creating your next dashboard in Excel. 
I usually keep saying regarding " create conversion focused Dashboard " Now what does that means to create a conversion focused Dashboard ?


Creating a conversion focus Dashboard simply means that the dashboard should attract the viewers of the Dashboard and the viewers of the dashboard gets a meaningful insights. So in this post i am going to share with you 5 tips which you should implement in your next Dashboard.

Tip #1 Keep the Relevant Data on the Top

All the Dashboard Experts always suggests to keep the KPI's (Key Performing Indicators) on the front of Dashboard, This Key performing indicator often grabs a first attention towards the viewers and also it is the sign that you have created amazing Excel Dashboard.

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Tip #2 Use Maximum 4 Colors

Creating a great visuals does not have to have a direct connection with using more colors. Liked this quote? Tweet regarding this:

Creating a great visuals does not have to have a direct connection with using more colors.

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Use maximum of 4 colors. Contrast colors are preferable. We have also seen Dashboards with just 2 colors stand out of the rest.

Tip #3: Use Familiar charts

Use charts which are known to the people and visually attractive. Do not use the charts which are less important or does not have a good impact. Following in the Image are the chart types boxed with red color one should avoid to use. These charts are not used frequently.

Chart types like:-
>> Stock Chart
>> Surface Chart
>> Radar Chart
>> Box and Whisker Chart
Should be used less and only if they are required.

Tip #4: Add Interactivity

A Small radio box or a combo box makes the Dashboard Interactive. So why to add these elements in the Dashboards?
Reason: It makes Dashboard LIVE

How to add Interactivity to the Dashboards? Check out this course on Excel Dashboard where i have Discussed 30+ Interactivity Dashboards. 

Tip #5: You tell me your's Favourite

Every one has their own favorite tip on creating a Dashboard. So why not share that tip here. ?  

Over to You: Please let me know your favorite tip.

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