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At Exploring Excel we have simple Mission to spread the knowledge of Excel through variety of medium. It includes creating Youtube videos , Writing Blog Posts , Sharing Excel files and helping you to Master Excel. 

I have taught over 2000 Students since 2014 till (June 2015) variety of topics like Creating Excel Dashboards, Charting, Data Visualization, VBA, What if analysis and Basics of Excel. We loved to get feedback too. Here are some of my feedback from my Udemy course which i was creating before i started my own website. I am happy that i have got huge (Not Massive because there is still a lot to do) response for my work and contribution towards Excel. My reward is reviews from people. Check out some of my testimonials : ​

I was able to use several of the techniques taught very next day. Thanks for upping my game Amey

Sam Dickey

Amey is one of the best Instructor on udemy and your course really surprised me with High quality and useful material 

Mucio Batista

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