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Quick Fast Data Entry with this Excel Hack

You are doing data Entry the WRONG WAY !!
Shocked to know this. Here is how to fix it

When Excel was launched couple years back (Around 30 Years or so). The main reason for Excel launch and success was it helped in data Entry work. People Even today uses Excel for data entry purposes but now its on a higher scale of data sorting and creating reports. But till today over 60% of Excel users use Excel for data entry purposes.

There is a good news for all those who use Excel for Data Entry as a SECRET KEYBOARD SHORTCUT has been spotted and which creates User forms for data entry with just a click of button. 
(Professionals knowing Excel VBA Must know about user forms and with the help of user forms one can capture details and automate various processes) 

Let's get into the point of creating a user form in click of a button for data Entry Purposes

Step #1: Watch the Video on Youtube

Step #2: More Amazing Excel Hacks like this one

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Compare growth rate with this template

[FREE] Excel Dashboard Growth Rate Template.

Use this template to compare growth rate for -
1. [For Good Growth Rate Indicators] Current YTD with Prior Year(Last Year)
2. [For Good Growth Rate Indicators] Current YTD with Targeted for Current Year
3. [For Bad Growth Rate Indicators] Current YTD with Prior Year
4. [For Bad Growth Rate Indicators] Current YTD with Targeted for Current Year

Normally, This template is available only for Excel Dashboard Course Subscribers but today for you it's FREE. Download it right away.

What to do when Excel File won’t open

Sometimes Excel user won’t able to open the file when right clicks on it and select open option, double click on the file or using Open with option. In this blog, I will focus on a particular error message “Excel file won’t open”. There is no single reason for this error message. It can occur due to different scenarios. Here are some possible reasons are:

Excel Dashboard Mock up an Alternative solution

In the last blog post i have discussed that why mock ups for the dashboard are important and how to create one using an online tool.

There is also an alternative ways to create mock ups for your first Excel Dashboard. I would suggest to create these mockups for all the big dashboards you are planning to create. Let us discuss some alternative ways through which you can create mockups 

Create a Mock up for your first Excel Dashboard

If you are serious on creating a professional dashboard for your business then it's utmost important to introduce you with a technique which helps to create professional Dashboards.

The technique is mostly used to create a mock up of a website or an App(Android or IOS App) so i started brainstorming that how can i use this technique in creating professional Excel Dashboards. So here comes an in depth tutorial on how to create amazing mock ups for your first Excel Dashboard. 

Visual warnings with conditional formatting

In this article, I will show you how to create a visual warning using icon sets in conditional formatting.
A warning comes in many shapes in Excel. It can be the warning that pops up when you are about to close your workbook without saving. It can be a warning that shows that something has gone wrong.
But a warning is really just a message from the program to the user.
In this article, I have created a tool that calculates a huge one-time employee bonus. It is a simple calculation that is not really important for the purpose of this article. It is simply just a way of showing one of the many things conditional formatting can be used for.

Take a look at this Animation below:

Visual Warnings Animation
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