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Custom Lists in Excel Explained (Regular + VBA)


You must be aware that when you write Monday in a cell and you click and drag it you could see that all the names of the days are populated in those cells which you have selected and even if you drag more than 7 it again starts the list from Monday. Do you know that you could also create these types of list at an ease. Such lists are known as custom list. Today i will be showing you 2 different ways by which you can create your own custom list. One method is the regular method and another one is a bit difficult method by using Excel VBA. Learning Excel VBA method is useful for 2 reasons:
1. Learn a bit of coding to implement in further projects
2. You want your clients to create their own list and hence give them ease of use by creating a list

Enable Developer Tab – Excel 2007 to Excel 2013

I have been asked by many of the Excel viewers regarding how to enable developer Tab.
There are different steps for different version. I have divided the Excel Versions into two groups one is Excel 2007 and another is Excel 2010 + (Including Excel 2013). The procedure for Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 is same. The main difference in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 + is that in Excel 2010 + you can create your own custom tabs.  But before learning on how to enable developer tab we will first learn what is the use of developer tab. The reason is that many of our readers are not familiar with the use of developer tab.

Remove Blank Rows

If you have extracted your data from CSV file or downloaded a report from online you may dont want blank rows in the data. those blank rows may affect your reports. Hence you need to delete those rows where data is not presented. 

Many of the Excel Lovers uses sort and Filter to select blank rows and then delete it. But there is a good replacement method which can be accompanied in just 5 simple steps. The 5 simple click procedure will get your blank rows deleted. Check out the scenario

Scenario : You are required to delete blank rows from the list of USA States.