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Create better looking Excel Chart #1

Excel Charts in dashboards are the key attention grabbing element. It means that they are first observed by the user. It is important that the chart which you have inserted is an attention grabbing chart i.e it should have some elements which would create a mesmerizing effect in the minds of viewer.
Now the question arises that what can be that element which is attention grabbing inside a simple chart. Check out the statement below and i am sure you would agree with it.

Easiest Way to create Funnel Chart !

Funnel Chart is one of the type of data visualization chart which helps to analyse data. Funnel chart can be used for sales data reporting or Departmental profits reporting (like i have done in this demo). The most important thing which is needed is that the data should be arranged in descending order i.e from Higher value to the lower value (check out the image below). This funnel chart which we are creating is a inside the cell. We don't have to insert any chart its just created by conditional formatting and formula.