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What to do when Excel File won’t open

Sometimes Excel user won’t able to open the file when right clicks on it and select open option, double click on the file or using Open with option. In this blog, I will focus on a particular error message “Excel file won’t open”. There is no single reason for this error message. It can occur due to different scenarios. Here are some possible reasons are:

Macro Efficiency: Disabling Screen Updating

This is part 2 of the Macro Efficiency series where in we teach you how to code efficiently using Microsoft Excel VBA. This method which we are going to discuss today is recognized as one of the basic and the most important method for making the code efficient. The parameters which we are going to learn are regarding application.screenupdate. A small 2 line code will make your macro run faster. Sounds interesting ?

Turn Negative Numbers into ZERO

One of the simplest Excel Hack. The question was very simple. Sometime Excel Formula calculation fetches negative value and due to that negative value it affects your presentation. What if your statement does not accept negative value? , Your statement requires only 0 or a positive value as this may be parameters to judge performance. Hence here comes a handy technique which changes all the negative value to be displayed as 0 (Zero)

Remove Blank Rows

If you have extracted your data from CSV file or downloaded a report from online you may dont want blank rows in the data. those blank rows may affect your reports. Hence you need to delete those rows where data is not presented. 

Many of the Excel Lovers uses sort and Filter to select blank rows and then delete it. But there is a good replacement method which can be accompanied in just 5 simple steps. The 5 simple click procedure will get your blank rows deleted. Check out the scenario

Scenario : You are required to delete blank rows from the list of USA States.