Create a Mock up for your first Excel Dashboard

If you are serious on creating a professional dashboard for your business then it's utmost important to introduce you with a technique which helps to create professional Dashboards.

The technique is mostly used to create a mock up of a website or an App(Android or IOS App) so i started brainstorming that how can i use this technique in creating professional Excel Dashboards. So here comes an in depth tutorial on how to create amazing mock ups for your first Excel Dashboard. 


Watch this video before you think about creating a Dashboard

What is a Mock up?

A Mockup is a prototype which is usually created by website and apps developers for creating their professional website.

We thought something crazy about mockup and tried to implement the mockup in creating an Excel Dashboard. Sounds great watch the Above Video.

Things to be Kept in mind before creating your first Mockup

1. Limitations of Microsoft Excel
2. Your Data Needs
3. Visibility (Fits in a page, Not over saturated)

Over saturation means that your dashboard consist of lot of elements and you should reduce such elements for better visuals

Thanks. Don't forget to download the free tool video where i walk you through step by step on how to create this type of mockup in a drag and drop interface.

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