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Have you heard regarding Excel Dashboard Course ? I have talked about this many times. Actually i started creating this course over an year ago.

First time when i launched this course and till today it attracted over 1300+ students and which become one of my most successful course out there.


I love to create Dashboard. Yah.. 🙂 you must be aware about it as most of my posts are regarding creating amazing Dashboards. So i thought why not to compile all and create an amazing course. ? 

What to Expect from this course?

Over 32+ Excel Dashboards at the Initial launch. We have planned more than 10+ Excel Dashboard to be drafted and supplied to you till next month.

Excel Dashboard course teaches you to create Amazing Excel Dashboards. Each Dashboard is a video tutorial which is around 10 Minutes long and each tutorial has an Exercise Files or you could say a Dashboard Template. A Dashboard template is a ready made template which you can use and populate data to create amazing dashboards. 

All the Dashboard templates created and more to be created will be available to all the members of this course

List of Excel Dashboards you will learn to create

  • Learn Creating a Panel Chart Dashboard
  • Creating a Incell Dashboard
  • Creating a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboard
  • Lesson- Selecting the right type of chart
  • Creating a Funnel Chart Dashboard
  • Creating a dynamic dashboard with timmed content
  • Create a dynamic text highlight dashboard with conditional formatting
  • Create a Histogram , Patero and cumulative chart
  • Create a Waterfall Chart
  • Create a Interactive Text Dashboard with slicer (Awesome technique, My Favourite)
  • Show Average in Chart
  • Dashboard Analysis, Heat Places Analysis, Blur Test Analysis
  • Trend Analysis Dashboard (My Best ever made dashboard)
  • Create Scrolling chart and table
  • Roll Over method
  • Dynamic Dashboards using checkboxes , Radio buttons, Comboboxes etc
  • Income Expense chart, Sparklines etc
  • Dougnut Chart, Thermometer chart, Sparklines, Block Percentage Chart etc

More will be added shortly... Subscribe for updates

For whom the course is for ?

  1. If you need to analyse the data and find out the conclusion
  2. Your Job is to analyse the data and present it to clients
  3. Want to learn more in Excel
  4. For Managers who have to take quick and quality decisions by analyzing data
  5. For Managers who are managing the performance of the company
  6. Students who wants to learn more and advance in Excel
  7. For IT Professionals who want to develop carrier in Excel
  8. For anyone who wants to use Excel as a base to create projects and reports
  9. For Excel lovers who wants to learn more..

At the time of launch over 6.5 Hrs of content and 32+ Excel Dashboards for creation

Warning: Prices will increase as soon as we add more dashboard lectures to it. Don't tell me that I didn't warn you

Amey (Exploring Excel)

I am enthusiastic Excel learner and Expert. I am founder of ExploringExcel.com with Articles, tutorials and videos.

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