Ever thought of Creating Excel Reports like a PRO

Do you spent hours analyzing data and creating awesome reports ?

  • Is your report taking a longer time to prepare?
  • Do you spend $$$ for analyzing reports but end up only paying hefty to software and analysts
  • Do you want to WOW your Boss showing amazing, Stunning reports that you create. ?

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Dashboard Creating Process doesn't have to be complicated 

Excel Dashboards are a powerful tool to communicate and summarize complex Excel data. This complex data can be presented by creating Dashboard. Dashboard will help to quickly analyse the data, Find the draw backs, Expect the future outcomes and lots more

Dashboard Shows the right information to the right audience and gets a great feedback, Imaging analyzing 100's of rows takes a lot of time but with Dashboards the decision can be in minutes.

But no one wants charts, they want decision making tools ! If your dashboard cannot impress you then surely it will not impress your Boss ! In this course i am not going to teach you to create a dashboard but i am going to teach you how to create Amazing Excel Dashboards in Minutes

By the way this course will enable you to "Master the creation of Interactive Dashboard and learn to present in a presentable format. Learn new techniques which will help to create complex Excel dashboards."

The WOW Factor

35 + No of Dashboards
1437 + No of Students
Just 1 Course

Our Library of Dashboards is constantly updating with new Dashboards, Hence Next time you may find Dozens of more dashboards

So are you interested in looking at some of our Dashboards ? 

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So if you are here, You Want to Learn on How to Create Awesome Excel Dashboards

So why not plan accordingly, in the Next couple of days spend 30 Minutes learning Lecture and creating your own dashboard and within few days you would be a dashboard PRO. 

3 Simple steps for creating a Conversion Focused Dashboard

The Basic question which i get is:- what is a conversion focus dashboard?
I simply answer, the conversion focus dashboard is a dashboard which WOW's the Audience. The audience can quickly highlight the data and interpret the results

Use the KISS (Keep it short and simple) formula for creating Dashboard

Don't over-explain , Just highlight the KPI (Key performing indicators)

Let the Charts tell the users what you want to convey

Success Stories

Last year we introduced Excel Dashboard Secrets course which got an amazing response. Along with our other courses combined this was one of our best selling course. 

We thought how we could improve this course to benefit all the users. Hence we added amazing features to this course like number of dashboards, Dashboard creation utility etc. 

Great way to improve your Excel Knowledge. Jump in to the group of people how master Excel, this course has exactly what i was looking for, something interactive, easy to learn and with the right speed for an intermediate  User

Robert Lindo                 

I really enjoyed this course. The instructor is awesome (You can ask questions if you are having a problem and he will take the time to figure out a solution for you). Definitely worth taking the course.

Devon Thorne                 

Excel Dashboard Course are the Ultimate Productivity tool - One could apply these techniques instantly to create amazing dashboards on fly...

So let's Wrap up, What you need to create your awesome Reports in Excel

  • Your Important Business Data
    The data will be provided by the business. You will only need to interpret the data and use it in a presentable format.
  • Dashboard Designing Technique
    Nothing to worry regarding this, as this is the main part of the course. I am happy to teach you how to design your own dashboards by taking Baby steps.
  • Implement your Dashboard in your Business
    I need not Explain this, as you are best in it !

Here it is: Excel Dashboard Course 

Downloadable Exercise Files

These are the files which you would work after the lecture is over

Constant Updating Library

We are constantly adding new dashboard tutorials to our members area so it adds more value to learning Dashboards

Tools and Support

We provide you with required tools and support which is required for creating stunning Excel Dashboards

24/7 Access

Access the videos any time you want. We never restrict you on the timings for watching the course. Nor we Drip (timely release) the content.

Dashboards on Demand

Submit a request on which Dashboard you would like to see and we will add that up into our future release. (* Read FAQ)

35+ Video Lessons

We are constantly adding new dashboard tutorials to our members area so it adds more value to learning Dashboards

Get instant Access to all Dashboards in next 2 Minutes

We believe in simple pricing. There are no pricing options like a Monthly or annually pack, nor auto renew. 

Simple Pricing: Only $57 $47 / One Time (6 Months Access to Members Area)

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Many thanks for you Amey, I had learn more from your course. I liked Excel and worked on it since 17 years ago. But you increased my knowledge and added valued to me.

Wael El Gammal               

Lots of information at quick pace with hands on Exercise files to practice until you master. Really good stuff for someone wanting to start creating Dashboards or make dashboards more dynamic.

Mickey Curry            

Our training will not teach you how to use the Inbuilt Excel Features, Formulas etc, but will teach you how to ultimately utilize all these features available to create Amazing Excel Dashboards

Joining the Course vs Not Joining the course

So you must be thinking there may be some other solutions out there so i have made it easy by adding a Pros and cons regarding joining the course and not joining the course.

I will Join

  • Learn to create amazing Dashboards which i can implement in my business
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of Excel by mere watching videos
  • Sell Dashboards created by you to agencies
  • Implement Dynamic Data into dashboards and reports and WOW your BOSS
  • Too many things can't be specified... 

I won't be Joining

  • Spend nearly thousands of $$$ for a simple Dashboard
  • Outsourcing Dashboard would not be feasiable all the time
  • Can't learn new Excel tips and techniques
  • Can't apply these techniques to my business and WOW the Boss
  • Too many Disadvantages which can't be specified here...

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