Format Painter: Ultimate Guide using it in Microsoft Excel

Format Painter being the most unfamiliar feature in Microsoft Excel helps to apply the same formatting to a cell or group of cell. Read this till the End to know a small hack which will help you to use format painter faster.


In the above image i have applied following formatting techniques:
1 - Background Color
2 - Border
3 - Font Size and Font Color

The formatted cell is cell B3 and the same formatting i have to apply it to cell D3. You can just select the button "Format Painter" inside the clipboard group of home tab to copy the same formatting of cell B3 and the pasting it to Cell D3

So the right step works as
A: Selecting that cell which has formatting
B: Clicking Format Painter Option
C: Clicking the cell where you want that formatting

Have you observed what happens after selecting cell D3. ? if you try to again click a cell format painter does not work. For that you will need to again go on to that cell and select format painter. Isn't it a tiring process ? There has to be a better alternative

Do it in Excel Expert's Way.... This quote would probably solve your problem

Don't Just Click the Format Painter, Double Click it if you would like to apply it multiple times.

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Hope you got this trick and Enjoyed this tutorial,

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Istvan - July 26, 2016 Reply

It seems to be a good idea ! Now I am on holiday but I will try it when I return to work.

sunil - October 5, 2016 Reply

nice hack thanks for sharing

Krishnakumar - December 7, 2016 Reply

Nice idea I will now use it

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