Introducing our New Members Area for all our courses

We finally did it. We just gave a super redesign to our Members Area where in you can access all your courses and downloads. Let me walk you through our new Members Area.


Once you logged in inside Members Area, You would be greeted with our members Welcome Page where in all useful details are mentioned

Details like Welcome Video, Accounts Details, Access Support and all products are listed here. Just select the course which you would like to access and start learning

Need to Access your course. Just select the course you would like to access and then you would be presented with our learning Management System where in you would be able to start learning the selected concept. Our LMS not only looks amazing but also its super user friendly. Check out sneak peak of our LMS

You can get every thing on this page related to the course. Like Downloading your Exercise Files , Submitting Your Dashboard for review, All lesson content and more. It's the most Easy to use interface which will help you to be more clear and focused with the content. Watch this Insider Video to have Entire tour of our Members Area

Hope you like our new Updates let me know what you think regarding this new Members Area. I am sure this would really transform the way you learn Excel Dashboards. 

Let me know your feedback inside the comments section.

Amey (Exploring Excel)

I am enthusiastic Excel learner and Expert. I am founder of with Articles, tutorials and videos.

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