Quick Fast Data Entry with this Excel Hack

You are doing data Entry the WRONG WAY !!
Shocked to know this. Here is how to fix it

When Excel was launched couple years back (Around 30 Years or so). The main reason for Excel launch and success was it helped in data Entry work. People Even today uses Excel for data entry purposes but now its on a higher scale of data sorting and creating reports. But till today over 60% of Excel users use Excel for data entry purposes.

There is a good news for all those who use Excel for Data Entry as a SECRET KEYBOARD SHORTCUT has been spotted and which creates User forms for data entry with just a click of button. 
(Professionals knowing Excel VBA Must know about user forms and with the help of user forms one can capture details and automate various processes) 

Let's get into the point of creating a user form in click of a button for data Entry Purposes

Step #1: Watch the Video on Youtube

Step #2: More Amazing Excel Hacks like this one

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